Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Instructor

Meredith Beachy is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. She began her yoga practice ten years ago and finally decided to become a yoga teacher in 2022. Growing up in Kentucky, she faced an unhealthy lifestyle and was able to overcome it through her devotional practice. Her new lifestyle inspired her to dive deeper into wellness and help others feel better by finding a deeper sense of health, oneness and devotion.

Through her professional yoga training with devoted teachers like Talia Sutra, she developed a deep passion for learning about the body and helping the body feel its best. “When our bodies are thriving, we are able to thrive in our personal lives even more.” This connection inspired her to go to school to seek training to become a massage therapist. Massage has become a great tool to deliver real relief and relaxation to everyone who needs it.

The education Meredith received through Spatech Massage School has strengthened her passion for helping others infinitely. Meredith’s goal is to help everyone feel at peace, strong and connected to life.

Meredith Beachy LMT is currently on Maternity Leave + not scheduling Therapeutic Massage Appointments. You will still see her smiling face at the Office when she returns!

"Attended my first Divine Heart yoga class today with Meredith Beachy. It was such a beautiful experience! Beautiful clean room, intimate setting, and great support from the instructor." ~ T.L.