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We are all Goddesses! And Goddesses are all around us, helping and guiding us!

There's so much to learn about them. Do you know that the true Goddess shape is NOT that of a thin model? The true Goddess shape is large & in-charge! She's got big curves & a huge heart. We can learn a lot from the divine feminine when we spend time with her & receive messages from the Goddesses.

During this in-person and online event, you'll receive information, a guided meditation, and a personal Goddess reading just for you!

$33.00 to Attend


Angels are all around us, helping us and guiding us. They constantly give us signs and send us messages. There's so much we can learn from them when we take the time to be with them and listen.

During this event, you'll receive messages, information and guidance, along with a personal Angel reading just for you!


$22.00 to Attend

$25.00 to Attend

Animal Reiki is healing energy that assists with calming and relaxation, difficulties brought on by illness and age, and a general overall sense of well being. 

It also helps humans support their pets. In these private 30 Minute sessions, the animal leads the way and they can move freely in the healing space. An exchange of Reiki energy is transferred from practitioner to pet. 

As often happens, the animal eventually settles down, relaxes, and sometimes falls asleep. Harness this natural healing energy for your fur baby!


We’ve all had chaotic moments in our lives. Some of these moments are easier to deal with, others are not. There are other times when we’ve lost it! This is what we’re trying to circumvent.


Learn how to deal with things in a healthier manner with this gentle calming guided meditation. What you learn in the meditation can be used in the future to help you deal + react in a much more calm and peaceful manner.


$22.00 to Attend

In this in-depth class you'll learn advanced techniques to help you cleanse your home, office, vehicle and more of harsh and negative energy, clear them of energy that hasn't moved on, and ways to bless them. 

The spaces you live, travel and work should be a safe haven, a sanctuary, a place of relaxation and comfort. Learn how to make these places a sacred space for yourself, your family and all who enter!

$44.00 to Attend


Etheric cords are energetic ties that connect us to other people and vice versa. There is no such thing as a healthy cord, as they are all energy draining. We receive and send cords to people we have emotional ties with, most of the time without our knowledge or awareness. These psychic attachments should be cleared. Remove these cords and learn a simple technique to do this for yourself in the future.


$44.00 to Attend


$44.00 to Attend

Empaths are often misunderstood and called "overly sensitive". That sensitivity comes with its challenges, including being an emotional and physical sponge, absorbing the negativity and stress of those around you and the world.

Here are few traits of an empath:

~ Feel deeply for those in pain or suffering ~
~ Find it hard to say no ~
~ Physically or emotionally affected by the news, weather, crowds, noise, or other stimuli ~
~ Heightened sensitivities ~
~ Work in a caregiving or service industry ~

Do you, or someone you know, possess any of these attributes? You’re not alone. There are many people just like you!

Learn vital self-care strategies, how to heal, thrive, and work with your gifts in this tw0-hour class. Be the best you can be, you’re worth it!

In this class you’ll dig a little deeper, gain more insight and knowledge, learn new skills, gain more tools, and meet your Empath Guides. Learn how to utilize these newly gained skills and tools, and how to work with your guides.

Seating is limited. Minimum of four participants is required. Empath ~ 1 is a Pre-requisite to this class.

$44.00 to Attend


Empaths are often misunderstood and called "overly sensitive." That sensitivity comes with its challenges, including being an emotional and physical sponge, absorbing the negativity and stress of those around you and the world. 

This class is a combination of Empath 1 + Empath 2 and is offered both in-person and online!

Learn vital self-care strategies, how to heal, thrive, work with your gifts, and meet your Empath guide.

$66.00 to Attend

$22.00 to Attend

The Five Agreements are based on Ancient Toltec Wisdom brought to us by Don Miguel Ruiz. This is an introduction to his two books, “The Four Agreements” and “The Fifth Agreement”. These Agreements are a code of conduct and words to live by every day. They can change things for you and change you for things. Release self-limiting thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. Recognize programming and learn how to change it.

Each guest also receives Reiki with Spiritually Guided Messages and two personalized Agreements Card Readings. Even if you own the books and the card decks, you are welcome to attend!


Join Colleen Campbell + Kaitlyn Cox for a Full Moon Ceremony at Cape Cod Wellness Works!

Sun May 26th ~ 1 PM to 3 PM

Sun June 23rd ~ 1 PM to 3 PM

Sun July 21st ~ 1 PM to 3 PM 

This two hour workshop includes a guided movement meditation, reiki energy work, hand + foot massages, mushroom hot chocolate and intention setting ceremony!


Guests also have the option of adding a 10 Minute Infrared Color Therapy Sauna session!

$40.00 to Attend

+ $20.00 to Add Infrared Color Therapy Sauna


Full moon meditations have been practiced for centuries. These meditations have shown positive effects for people seeking spiritual connection, personal growth, and alignment with the cycles of nature.


This is a time to let go of past troubles and grief, and look forward to a new season and a new year. This is a time for healing & growth, forgiveness & acceptance, and expansion & awareness.


$33.00 to Attend

A full in-depth class on understanding the body’s seven main energy centers known as Chakras and how to Clear + Balance them.

$45.00 to Attend

Learn how-to remove blockages and promote the smooth flow of energy throughout the body on your own. This increased energy flow can lead to heightened vitality and a sense of well-being in addition to: improved physical, mental + emotional health, enhanced creativity + intuition, spiritual growth, stress reduction, greater self-awareness, and self-care.

What’s included?
•Handouts, Worksheet + Awareness Guide
•7 Chakra Healing Crystals
•White Sage Smudge Stick
•Meditation w/Visualization tool
•Hands-on Exercise
•Mantras + Affirmations Exercise
•Aromatherapy Intuitive Guidance
•Herbal Tea + Angel Card Message


$33.00 to Attend

The Hidden Sacred Map is a group hybrid event in which each guest receives a personal three card reading for enlightenment, knowledge, and guidance. 

All readings include one card from each of the following Oracle decks:

The Hidden Worlds
These are realms that bring us further enlightenment and truth. These worlds and their message are revealed to us when we are ready to receive them.

The Sacred Forest
This is a place to go for the knowledge and wisdom you are ready to learn.

The Enchanted Map
This charted plan gives you guidance along your 
sacred spiritual earthly journey.


Sound healing is an ancient healing practice that uses different instruments to create healing vibrations around the body. It helps clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on all levels. There are many types of sound therapy. They all positively alter your frequency. 

This is a combined class and healing session. Instruments include Singing Bowls, Drum, Rain Stick, Tingsha Bells and Tuning Forks. Learn about these tools and how to use them. Guests will be able to try each sound tool for themselves and everyone receives sound therapy at the end of the class. Seating is limited.


$33.00 to Attend

There are many simple and effective methods of meditating. Learn some easy and quick techniques to bring yourself into a calm, peaceful state of mind. Learn how to quiet outside noise and distractions and learn about tools that can be used for a more meaningful experience. Even those with ADD/ADHD and other unique abilities can learn this practice. Meditation helps to promote peace and calm within ourselves. This has a ripple effect to everyone around us, and therefore helps to promote peace and calm outside of ourselves as well. You help yourself and those you love when you learn how to meditate.


$33.00 to Attend


$33.00 to Attend

Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation is a meditation that is from and for the heart. It is based on mantras, visualizations and reflections that promote healthy feelings of love towards oneself, others, and the world. 

Loving Kindness Meditation assists in opening and softening the heart and the mind. It assists with thoughts and actions of compassion and acceptance, and releases harmful thoughts of anger, fear, revenge, and confusion. It teaches kindness and patience towards oneself, then gently moves outward to nurture empathetic feelings for the wellbeing of all living beings. 

This is a practical way to encourage forgiveness, generosity and love in one’s daily thoughts and actions. This mindset then spreads our love toward every living being we encounter, helping to nurture healing and peace. 

During this in-person and online event, you'll also receive a personal Rumi reading just for you!


The New Moon is a time to plant healing seeds for future growth and awareness. Meditating and quiet introspection are some of the practices that are enhanced when combined with the new moon’s peaceful serene energy.⁠⁠

Mercury in Retrograde can be a difficult time energetically for some people. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Plant those healing seeds, Meditate, and start Mercury in Retrograde with a renewed sense of peace.


$33.00 to Attend

There's a Fair in the Air at Cape Cod Wellness Works! We absolutely love hosting these events throughout the Year!

Psychic + Wellness Fair

2024 Schedule

Saturday, May 25th

Saturday, August 3rd

Saturday, November 16th

11AM to 5PM

⚜️Mini-Sessions at Mini Prices⚜️

▫️No Entry Fee▫️1️⃣st Come 1️⃣st Served▫️

Try Something NEW + Find Your Tribe!

▫️Mini-Readings ▫️ Tarot + Oracle Card Readings ▫️ Mini-Astrology ▫️ Mini Healing Sessions ▫️ Yokie ▫️ Crystal Healing ▫️ Peaceful Putty Reiki ▫️ Acupressure▫️Emotional Resonance Clearing ▫️ Craniosacral Therapy▫️ Reflexology ▫️ Power Animal Retrieval▫️


Begin Your Healing Journey with Reiki Level I Attunement


$111.00 to Attend

Through the transmission of Reiki energy, you become more aware of the healing capabilities that you’ve always had within.

In Level 1, students receive a gentle energetic clearing and opening of the subtle body. It also helps them to remember their true nature and connection to Source. They become more aware of the divine healing light. Comprehensive Manual, Certificate of Completion & On- Going Support Provided.

Continue your healing journey with your Reiki lineage!

Reiki II is the Practitioner Level. It is a more advanced level in which you can harness more Reiki energy and open energy channels more deeply. Learn to perform distance healings + apply Reiki in many other ways. Students also receive three symbols.

Comprehensive Manual, Certificate of Completion + On-Going Support Provided.

$222.00 to Attend

$333.00 to Attend

Continue your path to healing with Reiki Level 3 Master Attunement

Through the transmission of Reiki energy, you become more aware of the healing capabilities that you’ve always had within.

In Master Level 3, students receive training, a comprehensive manual, demonstration, practice, attunement, and the last three symbols. This attunement includes an energetic clearing and opening of the subtle body. It also helps students to remember their true nature and connection to Source. They become even more aware of the divine connection and healing source & light.

Certificate of Completion & On-Going Support Provided.


Experience the healing energy and benefits of Reiki, Sound + Crystal Therapy!

$44.00 to Attend

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy. It is an ancient Japanese form of healing that assists with calming, stress reduction, and relaxation through gentle hands-on touch.

Sound healing uses different musical instruments to create healing vibrations & frequencies that create energy flow and activate rejuvenation & calmness in the body.

Crystal healing is an all-natural technique in which crystals and gemstones are used for their natural healing energies.

Each participant relaxes while healing music is playing. Crystals & gemstones are gently placed on & around everyone. All guests receive personalized Reiki & Sound Therapy, using different tools, such as singing bowl, drum, & more.

The combination of Reiki, Sound, & Crystal Therapy promotes a general overall sense of well-being.

Huna is the healing + spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawai'i. During this event you will learn information that was once secret + carefully guarded. Today it is taught openly.

$33.00 to Attend


Ho’oponopono is a very powerful ancient Hawaiian healing and problem-solving process, which releases memories that are experienced as problems. The practice of forgiveness is also an important part of it.

This Shamanic Healing + Reading Circle is an opportunity to learn ancient teachings, prayers + rituals of the Hawaiian ancestors. It helps you to reconnect with your spirit on a deeper level + reconnect with your deepest core values + your highest vision of yourself.

Receive guidance, messages, insight, wisdom + healing from the spiritual medicine offered at the Shamanic Healing + Readings event.

Every guest receives an informational handout + a personal Shamanic card reading.


$33.00 to Attend

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. 

The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and activates calmness in the body. While there are many types of sound therapy, all of them produce vibrations that alter your brain waves. The combination of Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation and Reiki can help you clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

$44.00 to Attend

Sessions at 12:00pm, 12:45pm, 1:30pm + 2:15pm

2 People Maximum Per Session

An energetic healing of the mind, body, and soul through music, frequencies, vibrations, guided meditation, and Reiki. Then continue the experience with an Infrared Sauna Session! 

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical instruments to create healing vibrations or the body. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. Sound Therapy can help you clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on all levels.

The Infrared Sauna helps to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals. When used properly, an infrared sauna will help improve your overall wellness.

Unlock the path to inner harmony with our "Summer of Self-Love" series!

This holistic 3-part journey combines the healing powers of acupuncture, meditation, and psychotherapy to help you discover and embrace your true self.

Throughout the series, we'll explore a range of topics designed to guide you towards greater self-awareness, emotional balance, and authentic self-love. Learn how to cultivate self-compassion, challenge negative thoughts, set healthy boundaries, and harness the mind-body connection for lasting well-being.

Each session offers a unique approach to personal growth, inviting you to engage in creative expression, celebrate your achievements, and develop an action plan for ongoing self-care. Our expert practitioners will support you at every step, providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Join us for a summer filled with transformative insights, meaningful connections, and a deeper understanding of who you are. Embrace your journey to self-discovery, and let's celebrate the power of self-love together. Sign up today!

Friday June 14th, Friday July 19th + Friday August 16th 2024

6:30 PM ~ 8 PM

$300 to Attend


Tuning Forks can be used on musical instruments and people. This therapy is very gentle and powerful. The soothing sonic vibrations help to treat the body and mind, restoring inner balance and wellness. 

It works with the nervous system, the tissues, and helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, and allergies. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and can offer long-term benefits. Even if you feel well mentally, emotionally, and physically, receiving Tuning Fork Therapy can help bring peace and tranquility to the heart and mind.


$33.00 to Attend

Archangels are powerful celestial beings who bring messages from The Light. They serve according to Divine will and one of their purposes is to help humanity. They do this with unconditional love, and they offer their guidance, support + healing.

There are numerous ways to work with The Archangels. During this event, you will learn about many different Archangels, their attributes, how they can help you + the many different ways you can work with them. Each guest receives an Archangel Reading!

$22.00 to Attend



Ascended Masters are Spiritual Teachers who have completed their journeys of lifetimes here on Earth and have attained the supreme state of spiritual enlightenment.

They come from all different paths of beliefs and ways of life and assist with spiritual development and transformation. They provide us with instructions and directions as we travel our earthly spiritual path. There are numerous ways to work with The Ascended Masters. 

During this event, you will learn about many different Ascended Masters, their attributes, how they can help you, and the many different ways you can work with them. Each guest receives an Ascended Master Reading!

$22.00 to Attend



Yoga Flow Every Week!

Meet the needs of a collective class through a yoga flow of combined styles - Hatha, Vinyasa + Yin. Supports the community through a shared practice by finding out the general needs of the group and meeting that through a yoga flow and guided meditation.


$15.00 to Attend or Buy the 10 Class Bundle for $100.00


We are excited to announce, Yoga with Zoe will continue through July!


$10 - $20 Suggested Donation

Zoe is working on her yoga teacher training and these classes will allow her to complete the 200 hour requirement!
Each class will focus on one chakra and will be a vinyasa flow. A one card tarot reading may also be included!

Beginning Mon June 17th
Class Begins at 5 PM

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