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$33.00 to Attend

Participants are invited to let go, close the eyes, hold a stick of selenite and receive the healing and releasing frequencies of sacred sound as the chakras become cleansed, balanced and aligned to their proper resonance and movement. 

Selenite is a crystal used for removing negativity, density, low vibrations and most importantly energy that is not yours. Simply holding selenite activates its healing power. 

The beautiful sounds of the crystal bowls are designed to enter your metaphysical being and work directly with universal life force energy and channel it into the body to enliven your entire energy network. 

Through this super-flow of life force energy, the bowls can help us remember our connections with great source and allow us ongoing access to the unlimited healing energy from within. 

During the sound bath you will receive a brief individual Reiki session from Reiki Master Teacher Kim Sohlman.


Have fun while learning about crystals and gemstones! Learn about the many different types, how to identify them, how they work with your energies and life situations, various techniques to use them, how to work with their energy, and so much more. Please feel free to bring some of your crystals and gemstones.

$65.00 to Attend


$38.00 to Attend

Empaths are often misunderstood and called "overly sensitive". That sensitivity comes with its challenges, including being an emotional and physical sponge, absorbing the negativity and stress of those around you and the world.

Here are few traits of an empath:

~ Feel deeply for those in pain or suffering ~
~ Find it hard to say no ~
~ Physically or emotionally affected by the news, weather, crowds, noise, or other stimuli ~
~ Heightened sensitivities ~
~ Work in a caregiving or service industry ~

Do you, or someone you know, possess any of these attributes? You’re not alone. There are many people just like you!

Learn vital self-care strategies, how to heal, thrive, and work with your gifts in this tw0-hour class. Be the best you can be, you’re worth it!

In this class you’ll dig a little deeper, gain more insight and knowledge, learn new skills, gain more tools, and meet your Empath Guides. Learn how to utilize these newly gained skills and tools, and how to work with your guides.

Seating is limited. Minimum of four participants is required. Emapth ~ 1 is a Pre-requisite to this class.

$38.00 to Attend


We each posses far greater inner healing potential than we realize. Come discover how to awaken that inner capacity! This workshop - well suited for beginners and practicing healers alike - is a unique opportunity to learn about healing from experienced Brennan Healing Science Practitioners, based on Dr. Barbara Brennan's world-renowned best-selling book Hands of Light.


~ Powerful energy healing techniques ~
~ How to regulate your energy for healing ~
~ High Sense Perception skills ~


$280.00 to Attend

Gather for an intuitive healing circle. In this sacred space, this safe haven, you can relax and connect with your true self as you are guided with meditation, sound therapies, mantras, affirmations, messages from the angelic realms, and more. 

Healing circles can assist with overcoming past traumas, current negative situations, indecisiveness about the future, physical and emotional pain and so much more!

Healing Circles hosted by Raja + Connor of Real Eyes Truth Inc. are donation based.

No pre-registration required + bring a donation to attend!


Sound healing is an ancient healing practice that uses different instruments to create healing vibrations around the body. It helps clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on all levels. There are many types of sound therapy. They all positively alter your frequency. 

This is a combined class and healing session. Instruments include Singing Bowls, Drum, Rain Stick, Tingsha Bells and Tuning Forks. Learn about these tools and how to use them. Guests will be able to try each sound tool for themselves and everyone receives sound therapy at the end of the class. Seating is limited.


$33.00 to Attend


3-Week Intensive Cacao Series

$375 to Attend
(3 available slots for financial scholarship)

A safe space for people to come together in this workshop and work through family cycles of trauma. This series will be an opportunity to do deeper work related to unhealthy subconscious patterns that affect people in their daily lives. Work together as a group to verbally process and energetically shift stored emotions through holistic practices. 

In order to do this work, we will be use ceremonial cacao. Ceremonial cacao is a Mayan tradition that has been used in community gatherings as a heart opening plant medicine to safely experience awakening inner healing and receive guidance. 

This is an intensive workshop for people that feel ready to go further than individual therapy. Raja will make sure that each person feels grounded and supported through the process, guiding people through a releasing journey. Follow up support after the workshop will also be offered for continued integration.


$38.00 to Attend


Enter the Medicine Healing Circle for a holistic healing of mind, body, soul, and spirit. Encourage good health and nourish your well-being. Purify and remove the underlying, karmic causes of dis-ease. Explore your inner strength, peace, and healing abilities. Transcend your own limitations. Love is at the heart of all healing.

Guests are given handouts that include information about Medicine Healing and how we can help ourselves be free from dis-ease. Each guest also receives a piece of lapis lazuli that they can use during the circle and take home with them.

$33.00 to Attend

Meditation is a holistic healing of the mind, body, soul and spirit. It can help you gain a new perspective, reduce negative emotions, combat anxiety and stress, and increase self-awareness, patience, and tolerance. Meditation can be a valuable tool to increase mindfulness, good health, and inner peace.

Gather for this healing circle and cultivate the many benefits of meditation. Learn how to relax your body and slow your mind. In this sacred space, this safe haven, you can relax and connect with your true self as you are guided with spoken words, sound therapies, mantras, affirmations, messages from the angelic realms, and more.

Clear your mind, calm your heart, and breathe easy.


Explore your natural gift of intuition in this six-week course. Connect with your angels and spirit guides. Learn to recognize and understand your gifts, and how to work with them, including dreams, visions, hearing, feeling, sensing, and more. Open and activate your third eye chakra, create a strong foundation, and develop your intuitive gifts.

Course Cost $333.00

Pay by the Week $55.50

There's a Fair in the Air at Cape Cod Wellness Works! We absolutely love hosting these events Quarterly throughout the Year!

2023 Event Dates

~  August 5th ~

~ October 28th ~

Try something new + find your tribe!

~ Mini Sessions at Mini Prices ~

~ Reiki ~ Psychic Readings ~ Tarot + Oracle Card Readings ~ Yokie ~ Reflexology ~ Infrared Sauna ~ + MORE! ~

No pre-registration required to attend!


$33.00 to Attend

Everything has a vibration and a rhythm that is circular. Drumming represents the heartbeat of life and the rhythm of nature. A wise person once said, “Drumming is like smudging for the soul.”

This Sacred Drum Healing Circle is an opportunity to reconnect with your spirit on a deeper level. It is a purposeful soul journey that helps you reconnect with your deepest core values and your highest vision of who you are and why you are here.

Get a sense who you really are…remember, explore, and develop your true self. Receive guidance, messages, insight, wisdom, and healing from the spiritual medicine offered at the Sacred Drum Healing Circle. Intuitively guided with messages for each guest.

Break free and discover your truth. Remember long-lost knowledge and wisdom. Bring something new to your life. Attune to self, nature and Spirit.

Seating is limited in-person and unlimited online/distance.

$33.00 to Attend

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. 

The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and activates calmness in the body. While there are many types of sound therapy, all of them produce vibrations that alter your brain waves. The combination of Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation and Reiki can help you clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels.