Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer + Intuitive


Kim Sohlman offers Energy Healing services + regularly offers Classes + Events at Cape Cod Wellness Works!

The Golden Healer ~ Kim Sohlman ~ wears many hats, but they somehow all fit! Kim Sohlman is a Reiki Master, offering Intuitively guided one-hour Healing Sessions with Reiki, Crystals, and Sound Therapy. Animal Reiki healing sessions for your fur babies are available as well! Kim is a Crystal Healer, offering Sacredly guided Crystal Healing sessions with grids and layouts using recipes from masters. She is also an Intuitive, offering Divinely guided intuitive messages, including past, present, and future, angelic, mediumship, and card readings. 

Kim Sohlman is an Ordained Minister, Certified in the U.S. to Preside over and perform weddings, baptisms/christenings, end of life celebrations, and spiritual ceremonies both in person and online. She also offers Healing Circles, imparting Ancient knowledge and wisdom followed by a guided meditation, sound therapies, mantras, affirmations, and messages from the angelic realms. 

Kim Sohlman hosts Divinely and intuitively guided Meditations for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth. Intention-specific meditations, such as Metta (for love + peace) and Medicine Buddha (for healing dis-ease) are also available. Kim has been gifted the Medicine Buddha mantra and healing circle sessions from a benevolent monk, so that she may help others learn and heal from dis-ease. 

Kim Sohlman has a full schedule of Classes available both on-line and in-person, including Empath 1 + 2, Psychic Development, Crystal Classes, Attunements, and Keys To The Universe - Based on the book, "The Keys To The Universe", by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell. 

Many other services are available with Kim, including cleansings + clearings, near-death experience, meeting angels + guides, and more! All services provided for individuals, couples, and groups. Currently providing services in-home, online, and at Cape Cod Wellness Works.

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