Our facial and waxing services will leave you looking radiant and feeling fabulous! We offer natural and effective skin care solutions for bolstering your confidence and leaving you with a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.


30 Min Mini-Facial


Indulge in a relaxing + rejuvenating experience with our Mini Facial, a quick + effective skincare treatment designed to give your skin a radiant + refreshed glow.

In just 30 minutes, our experienced esthetician will pamper you with a customized facial that will leave you feeling revitalized + ready to take on the day.

45 Min Teen Facial


Our teen facial is designed to address breakouts + skin care concerns that are associated with adolescent changes that affect teenager skin. Our experienced esthetician will start by doing a deep cleansing, gentle extractions + a healing mask that will help to rehydrate dry or eliminate oily particles. A parent or guardian must schedule this session + an additional consent form must be signed.

60 Min Refreshing Facial


Our 60-minute Refreshing Facial is a wonderful option for minimal skincare concerns, for a seasonal skin refresh or before a special event. As you relax, your facial can also be customized using products to suit your specific skincare needs to prevent signs of aging, to invigorate the skin or if you’re just in need of a little pick me up. This treatment will guarantee that you’ll love the glowing skin you’re in!

60 Min Aromatherapy Facial w/ Hot Stones


Relax and unwind with this 60 Minute aromatic facial treatment!

Not only will you receive a customized facial with hot stones, but you'll also enjoy an Aromatherapy application for shining, radiant skin and a deep sense of relaxation.

You will leave the office refreshed and renewed!

60 Min Custom Facial


The Custom Facial is the most personalized facial based on your skins needs.

Facial includes ultra sonic cleansing. Custom exfoliation based on your skins needs (Dermplanning, Mircodermabrasion or Enzyme Peel).

Complete with LED Light therapy,  Hydrojelly Mask, Warm Towels + Massage Serums.

60 Minute CBD Facial


A one-of-a-kind 60 Minute facial utilizing whole flower, full spectrum CBD extract. With every step in this service, your skin treated with the purest form of CBD which has been known to nourish, balance + soothe your skin. This service is a great option for all skin types but can be beneficial for a range of conditions + therapeutic needs as well. CBD is full of antioxidants + vitamins. This service can soothe irritation, balance oiliness + help to reduce visible signs of aging.

70 Min Renewal Facial


The best Facial for NEW clients or monthly maintenance. Complete with skin script’s corrective Holistic skincare line.

Enjoy the most relaxing facial, includes extractions, LED light therapy and Foot Reflexology. Completely indulge with Warm Towels + Aromatherapy.

75 Min Gua Sha Goddess Facial


Connect Your to Your Inner Goddess and Manifest your dreams.

With the combination of Warm Towels, Gua Sha Massage, Chakra Clearing Stone energy work, Hydrojelly Mask + Quartz Eye Mask.

Immerse yourself in the full body mind and skin experience.

90 Min Custom Facial


The Custom Facial is the most personalized facial based on your skins needs. Facial includes ultra sonic cleansing. Custom exfoliation based on your skins needs (Dermplanning, Mircodermabrasion or Enzyme Peel) Complete with LED Light therapy Hydrojelly Mask, Warm Towels Massage Serums.

60 Min Silver Hydro-Facial


Silver Hyrdo Facial This 1st tier consists of a hydro dermabrasion treatment with toner infusion and oxygen spray. Hydro dermabrasion is best for clients with more sensitive skin ,black heads, or extractions and skin needing moisture. Ending with a hydro jelly mask, and scalp massage.

75 Min Gold Hydro-Facial


Hydro Dermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and remove blackheads, dirt and bacteria deep in the pores. Followed by customized serum infusion. High Frequency treatment. Hydro Jelly Mask. Complete with Neck and Should Massage and Cold Globe Treatment.

90 Min Rose Gold Hydro-Facial


Hydro-Dermabrasion, Followed by Dermaplaning and extractions, Serum Infusion, Mircocurrent, Cold therapy, Mask and Massage. Toner and oxygen infusion to balance skin and custom Serums Eye cream.

50 Min Image 02 Lift


  • Luxurious oxygenation treatment that refreshes the skin for a radiant luxurious appearance, removes impurities, brightens +  smooths appearance of lines + wrinkles, and evens skin tone.

60 Min Back Facial


  • A Deep cleanse Full Body Relaxation Service including Cupping and Swedish Back Massage. Facial Herbal Steam, Extractions, Mask , Warm Towels, Warm Treatment Table and Soothing custom Aromatherapy.



Manual Exfoliation of the Face with a Surgical Blade, Followed by Serums, Mask and cold globe massage. After a consult you may Add on Peels and Dermabrasions to treatment. Complete with Warm Towels, face mask. Scalp massage and Cool Globes Face Massage. Helps Resurface your skin, decrease pigmentation minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and adds hydration as well as removes the peach fuzz hair on the surface.



Mircodermabrasion is a great treatment for dry or maturing skin. This deep Exfoliation process can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while helping products to penetrate deeper into skin. Leaving your skin smoother and brighter. Add Enzyme glycolic or Lactic Peel for better results.



Micro-Needling is the Leading Anti-Aging Skincare
service available to Estheticians and clients. Minimum healing time, Results after 1 Treatment.

Using a series of Microneedle’s to tone, reduce appearance of fine lines and Wrinkles treat acne scaring and lessen Pore Size.

Includes Needling of the Neck and Chest. Complete with Pre and Post Cre instructions, Must book Consult prior to booking. Ending Treatment with Anti-age Stem Cell Boost Serum.

Nano Lip Plump Microneedling


Microneedle on the lips and surrounding cupids bow to increase collagen production and give the lips a natural plump and suppleness.



Eye Perk Microneedling


Microneedle around the eye area, helps decrease crows feet, harsh lines or red eyes.

Add any of these incredible choices onto your Facial service to enhance your experience!  Simply add to the notes section when scheduling online or let us know when you speak to us!

Please Note: With the exception of the 10 Minute Infrared Sauna Add-On, including an Add-On in your Facial Service will not increase your session length.

Cold Stone


Integrates the use of Cold Marble Stones to targeted areas in your session to reduce inflammation and scarring. Perfect treatment for reducing puffy appearance and for chronic headaches or migraines.

Jade Stone Facial Massage


Used to revitalize face, shoulder + neck muscles, relieve muscular facial tension, reduce face + head pain, gently lift facial skin while brightening + softening overall facial appearance.

Cooling Globes


Reduces puffiness, increases blood circulation, relieves pain (headache, muscle tension, sinus pressure), soothes skin inflammation + redness, help with enlarged pores, brighten skin tone + reduce dark circles.

Gua Sha Stones


Helps the skin to naturally purge blemish-causing dirt and oils, prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dark eye circles and puffiness, and sagging and dull-looking skin.

Lip Treatment


Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as, hydrate and calm the lips.

Hot Stone


Incorporates Hot Basalt Stones throughout your Facial service to ease muscular tension + increase blood flow.



Add another level of relaxation and healing to your facial to encourage relaxation and stress release.

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment


A blend of Tea Tree + Peppermint are applied to your scalp + massaged deeply into the skin to alleviate dry, itchy scalp.

Aromatherapy Steamed Towel


Choose from  Seasonally selected scents + enjoy the lingering aroma after your Facial service. Your body is compressed + wiped clean, leaving your skin smooth + fresh with the lingering aroma of your choice.

Eye Treatment


Rich, gorgeous-smelling creams + oils are soothed into your skin, reducing puffiness + the appearance of fine lines around your eyes. This refreshing eye treatment will brighten, soothe + refresh tired, red eyes.

10 Min Infrared Sauna


Relax + unwind after your Facial in our Infrared Color Therapy Sauna. The radiant infrared heat surrounds you + penetrates deep into your joints, muscles + tissues increasing oxygen flow + circulation.

Foot or Hand Scrub


Deeply exfoliates and moisturizes your feet or hands. After you have been exfoliated + wiped clean with steamed towels, you are drenched + massaged with warm organic shea butter.

For best results, hair must be the length of a grain of rice.

All waxing services are finished with a fir oil aftercare treatment. 

Hydrojelly Mask add-on available upon request for $15.00

Lip Wax


Removal of hair in the lip area. 

Chin Wax


Removal of hair on the chin.

Eyebrow Wax


Shaping and clean up of your brows.



Removal of hair in your nostrils.



Removal of the hair in + on the ears.

Full Face Wax


Lip, Chin, Brow, Side of Face + Nose hair removal.



Removal of the hair on the chest.

Underarm Wax


Underarm hair removal.



Removal of hair on the forearm.

Full Leg Wax


Removal of hair on the lower legs + thighs.

Half Leg Wax


  • Lower leg hair removal.

Thigh Wax


  • Removal of hair on the thighs.



Ears, Nose + Brow hair removal.



Removal of hair on the stomach.



Removal of hair on the back.



Traditional European wax includes butt strip.



Removal of hair along the bikini line.



Traditional Full Brazilian Wax with butt strip.

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