Tarot / Oracle Reader
+ Intuitive Guide

Monet Berthiaume is currently accepting New Clients. 

Sessions with Monet are available every Thursday from 9am to 2pm.

Hi! I'm Monet! A mother of five , a Tarot/ Oracle Reader, Intuitive Guide and Reiki Practitioner here to help you Awaken to Life!

As an intuitive guide I can see what resides on the inside that might be ready to be lifted at this time. Through energetic healing and guidance, I can help direct you on what tools to use to get you through.

Our everyday struggles and strife sometimes bring other hidden problems to light. When we are able to take dive inside & heal these right then our day to day life won't feel so heavy and burdensome all the time. It's only when we go within & truly see how our past pains are affecting our current reality are we able to truly make & then create a new life for ourselves with new thinking, new feeling and new ways of acting & being.

If you are interested in Awakening to Life, I am here to guide you. I look forward to working with you, connecting with you, supporting you and guiding you to become a Better version of You.