Licensed Massage Therapist


John Pells LMT is currently accepting New Clients + is available by appointment Monday through Friday with afternoon + evening availability.

John Pells LMT is a Native Cape Codder and Member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. He completed his Massage Therapy education at Cape Cod Community College in 2015 and has since furthered his education to include Cupping, Thai Massage and Reiki. 

"I believe wholeheartedly in the mental and physical therapeutic benefits of massage. I have had many, many massages over the years from many different people, and have had as many bad ones as good ones. I used to hope for tranquility and inner peace, relieving tension and an overall sense of feeling "better". Now that I am older, I have genuine pain... overall achiness and plantar fasciitis. I decided to see John Pells, and I will never want anyone else except John to massage me ever again!! He uses the perfect combination of strength and pressure/soft and gentle touch. I feel like I have been "man handled" but in a positive and professional way. I don't leave there feeling like he left or created any soreness... I leave there feeling like I am walking on air. He virtually eliminates the pain in my feet and it remains gone for an extended time. Sarah is super sharp and friendly, and John is AMAZING!! ... Ask for John, you won't be disappointed!" ~ Cheryl