Julie Carter LMT is an intuitive coach & mentor. She assists her clients in making positive changes in their life while becoming more confident & clear with each session. Learn how to strengthen your own intuitive abilities & gain insight into your spiritual gifts.   Whether it is to navigate challenging health issues or work through life challenges, Julie offers individual sessions or ongoing mentoring for her clients to see positive results. Trained in intuitive coaching, family systems work, shadow work, energy medicine & neuro-linguistic programming, Julie is considered a master of habit change & can assist you in "being different, without remembering to be different" while making positive changes in your life.


1. RESULTS ~ programs to deliver results in the most effective, direct, and life-changing way.

2. TEACHING TOOLS ~ that once learned, cannot be unlearned. A way to become forever empowered in an unprecedented way.

3. DESIGNED FOR YOU ~ programs and support to meet individual needs. Designed to be a fun and exciting experience!


30 Minute Intuitive Coaching $50.00

60 Minute Intuitive Coaching $100.00

90 Minute Intuitive Coaching $150.00

New Client Promotion - 60 Minute Intuitive Coaching $60.00

Try out a Intuitive Coaching & save $40.00!

Set yourself up for success! 12 Week Programs are shown to have the greatest results! We have two packages to choose from that offer savings for committing to your health & well-being!

60 Minute Coaching Package

Twelve Weekly Coaching Sessions

$897.00 if Paid in Full or

Three Payments of $399.00

90 Minute Coaching Package

Six Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

$780.00 if Paid in Full or

Three Payments of $299.00